Sheila Marcia Sexy Indonesia Teens Artist

Artis bugil, cewek dan gadis telanjang bugil seksi dan cantik.

Artis seksi Sheila Marcia Joseph is model star and Indonesia actress wichh birth at Malang, Jawa Timur,in 3 September 1989.

On the the career way, Sheila Marcia starts the debut as star, through Gadis Sampul 2004 tounament, and then stars at wide screen EKSKUL film ( 2006) with DJ Ramon ( Ramon Y Tungka) and Metha Yunatria.

artis seksi sheila
Film guide on Nayato Fio Nuala stage manager then become as best film of Indonesia Film Festival ( FFI) 2006, even then has controvertion behind it.

sheila marcia
Sheila Marcia also involves at horor film, “Hantu Jeruk Purut ( 2006), and then tennage film “TENTANG CINTA” ( 2007) and some films which still in production phase.

cewek bugil
Besides film, former this Ricky Harun girlfriend also stars a number of sinetron, for example “LOVE” with Irwansyah, including sinetron before all interests “CINTA, MENCARI CINTA and MAKIN SAYANG”.

cewek seksi sheila marcia

foto bugil

Cewek bugil Sheila

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