Foto Panas Tyas Mirasih Artis Indonesia

Artis bugil, cewek dan gadis telanjang bugil seksi dan cantik.

Artis Cantik Mirasih Tyas Endah known also by the name of Tyas Mirasih, model star, presenter and star sinetron. the career is begun moment inaugurated as cover girl finalist 2002, and several times chance to come up as models amount of magazines.

tyas mirasih

tyas mirasih seksityas mirasih bugil

Tyas Mirasih Seksi

tyas seksi

Cewek Seksi Tyas Mirasih was born at Jakarta, 8 aprils 1987 that, ever come up as song clip video model by time and such as those which formerly Ungu band group property. followed then property song Baim, Seperti Yang Kumau dan Cintai Aku Lagi sing by Sania.

tyas mirasih

Tyas Mirasih also famous as star sinetron. sinetron have a title Teman Tapi Mesra, Sepatu Kaca and Cinta Itu Ngga Buta.

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