Hubungan Yuni Shara-Raffi Ahmad

From the beginning romance Raffi Ahmad presenters and seasoned singer Yuni Shara reap the pros and cons. Not just 15 year age difference between them is somewhat adrift far, but Yuni Shara status as a widow with two also become a problem. Raffi’s mother, Ami Qanita who had been silent, now spoke up. According to Ami, her son did not make an acquaintance with Yuni. But, if his son Ami opposed knit affair with a woman who had faith. Moreover, if Raffi forget his role as the backbone of the family.

yuni sharayuni raffiyuni shara seksi

“If it’s just friends no problem. But his aunt Raffi enggak know closeness and Yuni now,” said Ami. Ami added, he can surrender only if it is the best for her beloved son. But he stressed once again looking for women in faith to matters of love.

yuni shara

Yuni dan Raffi

Ami also felt the changes since her son Raffi close to the former wife of Raymond Manthey. 45-year-old woman was admitted Raffi now getting away with the family. In fact, Raffi take responsibility for her siblings. “For this is the same he was responsible for his brother,” said Ami. Then, whether the relationship Raffi and Yuni will end?

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